First and foremost, Rachel is a mother to two wonderfully active and precious boys. She spends her days stepping on Legos, playing catch, and snuggling those two adorable boys. Along with her boys, she is incredibly blessed with a wonderfully supportive and funny husband.

Rachel has always loved and cherished taking photos. This started at a young age with her parent's Polaroid camera or a $9.99 disposable camera, her brothers, and any friend that would allow her take a shot. As the years went on the camera upgrades continued and the love for capturing life continued. This love and desire to document life multiplied when Rachel's sons were born. It was at this time that she realized how critically important it was to capture these fleeting moments and help preserve these memories. So she upgraded to a Nikon DSLR and hasn't looked back. Since this purchase she has spent countless hours researching, practicing, and taking her camera everywhere. With the support of family and friends this love has turned into an amazing second career.

Rachel shoots in natural light, on-location and aims for truly laid back and relaxed photo shoots. She is a mother and school psychologist and understands that stressful shoots lead to less-than stellar photos. She will never rush your session, she allows for as many breaks as your child needs. Contact her for more information.